The Victorian Trading Co

There’s a website I recently discovered that is sure to be of interest for Steampunks looking to outfit their abodes with a Victorian flair.  The Victorian Trading Company has all manner of goods inspired by Victoiriana.

The Victorian Trading Co was started in 1987 by Melissa and Randy Rolston in Dallas, Texas and now operates as a small company based out of Lenexa, Kansas outside of Kansas City.

From antique reproductions and fashion to outdoor living and accessories, The Victorian Trading Company is a great resource for finding items to match your Steampunk decor.  They even have free e-cards for you Steampunks wanting to send a message to your equally steamy friends. You can check them out here.

3 comments on “The Victorian Trading Co

  1. Larry says:

    Very cool. I didn’t know about the e-cards.

  2. Neil says:

    You have been a great source for my newly aquired interest in steam punk and victoriana Thanks!!! By the way; could you explain”diesel punk” a little better to me!
    All the best!Neil Gordon

    • aeflint says:

      Niel, welcome! Glad you’ve found the blog to be helpful. For all things Dieselpunk, I’d recommend you get in touch with a dear friend of mine, Larry Amyett, the author of an amazing Dieselpunk blog:

      You can even find his email on his profile his blog or look up up through Facebook. He’s quite the expert on Dieselpunk, and I think you’ll find he has a lot to say about Dieselpunk!

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