Captain’s Log Instructable

As a writer, I find it impossible to travel anywhere without a pen and blank paper. I never know when an idea might strike and it’s a downright shame to let inspiration escape because of a lack of materials to capture it.

The current notepad I carry was a gift from a former coworker when I moved from Dallas to Seattle. The cover design is fitting for the particular kind of work that we did, but by no means Steampunk. I love it, but once it becomes full of notes and thoughts, I’ll be looking to replace it.

To create a notebook/sketchpad that has that lovely Steampunk look to it, consider creating the Captain’s Log Steambook, an Instructable by bryanwithaytx.

I particularly like this design because it allows for paper refills, making your log a creation designed to last. It’s also nice because the wooden cover provides a hard surface upon which to scribble notes, which is helpful when there isn’t a table or desk nearby.

Check out the full Instructable here and start creating!

As an added bonus, after you’re done creating your notebook, learn how to tea stain the pages by clicking here.

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  1. Larry says:

    Very cool!

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