Steampunk Opera: Queen Victoria’s Floating Garden of Secrets

After the success of Eli August and the Davenport Sister’s efforts to get their project “The Victorian Dead” funded through Kickstarter, I’m very happy to present another opportunity to support the Steampunk arts.

Inventing Earth in Boston, MA is asking for your support in the creation of a Steampunk Opera entitled Queen Victoria’s Floating Garden of Secrets. Here’s a synopsis of the plot:

Set on the HMS Annelid (a discovery ship in the spirit of Charles Darwin’s HMS Beagle intermarried with Jules Verne’s Nautilus) this operetta surfs late 19th-century science, history, and geography in a spirited and salacious romp on the high seas worthy of Gilbert and Sullivan.

In this alternate future, the American Colonies have seen the error their ways and reunited with their Fair Queen. All of creation is “subject” to inquiry. The opera takes place during a Inspection by the Queen on the Annelid’s return from a Homeric and triumphant exploration of far-flung corners of the map, now loaded down with newly discovered, exotic specimens.

Pirate lasses mutiny, womenfolk can’t keep their petticoats down, contraptions impressively malfunction, and frank discussions of anatomy are all in a day’s work while in service to Her Majesty the Queen.

This opera is well on its way to being fully supported, but is standing to benefit greatly should it reach it’s goal through Kickstarter. James von Hegner of the The Great New England Steampunk Exhibition has offered a 1-to-1 matching grant for any amount they raise between three and five thousand dollars.  So, there’s a good chance that, should you contribute, James von Hegner will double your gift.

Check out all the details here!