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During the Victorian times, there was an upsurge in interest in mysticism, spiritualism, and the occult. People attended seances, sought advice from fortune tells and the stars through astrology, and attempted to commune with spirits of the departed. The Victorian’s obsession with the supernatural was largely a reaction to the Age of Reason, which refuted the notion of a world unbound by science and investigation. If Victorian Occultism fascinates you, I’d like to recommend Table Rappers as an approachable history book on the subject.

Tarot reading was another way by which the Victorians (and people long before them) tried to see into their future. Decks changed and altered through the years in both the card composition and the art featured on each card, and today you can find tarot decks will all manner of themes.

Artists Aly and Barbra Fell is in the process of creating a Steampunk Tarot deck, and the art that has been posted to her blog thus far is nothing short of outstanding. Here’s the art for The Fool:

To stay up to date while this deck is in development, be sure to head over to and subscribe to the Steampunk Tarot’s blog. There’s a number of other cards that have been illustrated and explained on the blog, so it’s definitely worth a visit and your exploration.

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  1. Very lovely art! There seems to be a proliferation of Steampunk-themed Tarot decks these days. Also worth checking out is A Steampunk Tarot by artist Charissa Drengsen. The deck is available for sale on Etsy – I have a set, and it is magnificent!

    Mrs. Sullivan
    Portland, OR

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