How Charles Dickens Saw London

Yesterday’s article on the Steampunk art exhibition taking place in London got me thinking about how different the world is between the Victorian era and our present world. Some of the greatest pieces of fiction to come out of that period were somehow commentaries on the society in which the Victorians lived.

One of the  most masterful writers of the Victorian age was Charles Dickens. While Steampunk itself doesn’t draw much influence from Dickens, preferring to draw inspiration from the science fiction of the era, there is a lot to be said about understanding the Victorian world through the eyes of its beholders.

To that end, I’d like to recommend an interesting and enlightening article I found on the Smithsonian’s website a few days ago entitled, How Charles Dickens Saw London by Rebecca Dalzell. If you’re interested in 19th century England, this article is a must read, so check it out!

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