My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

If you find yourself pining for an attractive gentleman to gaze at, you’re in luck with tonight’s post. Those of gentle dispositions are advised to clutch those handfans and keep the smelling salts nearby, because these gentlemen are positively gorgeous. My Daguerreotype Boyfriend is a Tumblr with the subtitle, “Where Early Photography Meets Extreme Hotness.” And oh, my, what hotness!

Hermann Rorschach, c. 1910. This Swiss psychiatrist developed the famous inkblot test that bears his name. We see two horses boxing each other, and one extremely hot Freudian.

There’s a great deal more photographs where that one came from, so be sure to visit My Daguerreotype Boyfriend often for your dose of dashingly handsome period men. The blog is updated almost daily, so it should have something new for your visual enjoyment.

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3 comments on “My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

  1. Rickr says:

    ….and tomorrow will be the Girlfriend link?????

  2. Liam Kendrick says:

    what about daguerreotype girlfriends??? >:)

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