The Nicola Tesla Museums

When it comes to historical scientists, there’s few who entirely capture Steampunks’ adoration quite like Nicola Tesla. And while we could go on forever about how he never gets the credit he deserves for the many amazing inventions he dreamed up, it’s quite likely that his status as an underdog, both during his time and in the historical accounts of the time, is precisely part of his allure.

If you love Tesla, and want to experience a piece of his world for yourself, there’s no better place to do it than to visit his homeland, where he’s a source of national pride. Tesla was born in Yugoslavia (modern day Croatia) and spent his childhood there before eventually immigrating to the United States. The years of instability in the Balkans region has caused the former republic to fracture, and as a result, there’s an effort by both the Croatians and the Serbians to claim him. In Serbia, you can visit The Nicola Tesla Museum, and in Croatia, his home in Smiljan has been restored into a museum in its own right.

If you are thinking about traveling to some unique place and still want to ensure that you get some history sure to delight your Steampunk sensibilities in your travels, these two Tesla Museums may be just the thing for you. Be sure to check out their individual webpages to learn more.

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