What Lies Beneath the Clocktower

Back in the day, I used to read choose your own adventure books all the time. I liked that I could read the same book and get a variety of stories based on the choices I make in the storyline. Like kids meals and discounts for minors, I was pretty confident that the choose your own adventure story format was lost to my past.

Turns out I was completely wrong, as a Steampunk Adventure-of-Your-Own-Choosing novel has just recently hit shelves. What Lies Beneath the Clocktower by Maggie Killjoy is a story filled with revolution, drugs, and romance in a remarkable fantasy world.

Here’s the description of the novel, straight from AK Press:

Descend into the depths of the undercity and embroil yourself in the political struggles of colonialist gnomes and indigenous goblins. Fly in air balloons, drink mysterious and pleasant cocktails, smoke opium with the dregs of gnomish society. Or dream and speak of liberation for all the races. Fall in love and abscond into the caverns. It’s up to you, because this is an adventure of your own choosing. From the founder of SteamPunk Magazine and editor of our very ownMythmakers & Lawbreakers comes this interactive novel of danger, drugs, and revolution.

This sounds like it’s full of complete win, and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on my own copy. You can pick up a copy of your own from AK Press or Amazon.

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  1. This is wonderful! I grew up on these books. I believe they were the first non-picture books I ever finished. So intimate and personal! This is the most intriguing effort to revive this lost art which I have seen. thanks for blogging about it.

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