Chester 5000 XYV

In what has been an excellent week for Steampunk publications here at Trial By Steam, today’s post features yet another outstanding Steampunk novel, this one, a graphic novel entitled, Chester 5000 XYV by Jess Fink. The story starts when a Victorian inventor determines to make a sex robot for his wife, and the ensuring romance between woman and machine.

The graphic novel started out as a webcomic, which you can explore at Jess’s website. Reader be warned, however, this is not a kid friendly comic and deals, rather graphically, with human and robotic sexuality and the pairings therein. If this sort of thing could possibly offend your sensibilities, offset your moral compass, or otherwise perturb you, Chester 5000 XYV is definitely not the webcomic and graphic novel for you.

Jess recently did an interview with All Over Albany that is really informative about the Chester 5000 XYV project. If you’re interested in the series or want to learn more about it, you should definitely check out the interview. It lends a lot of great insight into Jess’s own insight and opinions on his publication.

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