Steampunk Robocop

RoboCop is one of those classic 80’s movies that embodies the time. And while the movie was set in Detroit, a portion of the filming was done in my hometown of Dallas due to the “futuristic” appearance of some of the buildings. Perhaps Dallas seemed futuristic in the 80’s, but that’s definitely not the first term I would use to describe the prevailing architecture.

Anyway, Robocop centers on a police officer who is brutally murdered and subsequently re-created as a super-human cyborg known as “RoboCop“. Here’s the movie poster of his reincarnated cyborg self.

Robocop’s suit is rather distinctive, and as Steampunk is wont to do, his robotic body has been recreated in the aesthetic by Kreatworks, based in Bangkok.

As a subculture, we also seem to love blurring the line between man and machine, making this an interesting subject for a Steampunk reimagining. It’s made of scrap metal and recycled automobile parts.

The Steampunk RoboCop costs $6,400 and shipping would be extra, making this an expensive but impressive piece for the dedicated Steampunk and RoboCop fan. Click here to check out the etsy listing.

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