One of my favorite things about Steampunk is what it inspires people to do. This isn’t a movement where there is a flow of culture from a select few at the top down to the lowly masses. Steampunk touches peoples’ lives an ignites in them that creative spark to make and create things. Whether it’s art, music, writing, or acting, Steampunk brings out the creativity in people, and that’s an incredibly powerful thing.

The article, Steampunk’ed: Old Victorian meets the Industrial Revolution, by Christine Anne Piesyk in Business and Heritage Clarksville, highlights the way Steampunk has inspired a group of students from Austin Peay Steampunk University.

This is a fantastic project that is getting straight to the heart of Steampunk: creation and DIY. They are even using The Steampunk Bible for their course textbook as a primary source for the Steampunk subculture. How awesome!

To read more about the Austin Peay Steampunk University and their explorations and interpretations of Steampunk, do be sure to check out the article. And, if you happen to find yourself in the area, the students will be presenting “The Superfluous Steampunk Machine: An Exposition of Eccentricity” on Wednesday, July 6, from 5-9 p.m at the Trahern Gallery APSU Art Building.

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