The Art of Terry Fan

Steampunk has a wonderful visual aesthetic, so much so that it is often the first method by which people are introduced to the subculture. The moods and themes within Steampunk occupy an impressively broad spectrum; everything from the dark and post apocalyptic to the light and whimsy can be Steampunk if properly executed.

Personally, I tend to lean more towards the dark, broody, and politically motivated in my Steampunk. It’s what I like when I’m reading fiction, regardless of its particular genre, and there’s a consequential bleed over into my take on Steampunk as a whole. But I do love lighthearted Steampunk when it’s well done.

Like this underwater scene:

Or when there’s flying elephants:

How could you not love this picture? You can’t. It’s adorable.

These, and many other delightful Steampunk inspired images were created by the very talented Terry Fan. You can check out the entire gallery and purchase your favorite print at Society 6.

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  1. Larry says:

    Very cool artist.

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