Playing with Steam

Steampunk and gaming is something that goes well together. Both cater to a largely geeky, intelligent, and creative fanbase that loves being immersed in a fictional world and narrative. And gamers are always looking for that next grand adventure.

To me, what is particularly interesting about the tabletop aspect of gaming is the ability for that world and narrative to bring people together for a common goal in a way that is so rare and unique. I’ve met and made so many friends simply by sitting down and deciding to play with them.

While Abney Park’s new RPG’s presales underway and expected to be back from printing and in the mail soon, it doesn’t immediately address the need for a tabletop game right now. So, to tide you over until your new copy of Airship Pirates arrives, I found a list published by  Growing Up Gamers that features tabletop games with a Steampunk twist entitled Playing with Steam. There’s a great assortment of games featured on this blogpost, from card games and board games to different RPGs. There’s something here for every gamer, so be sure to check out the entire list.

And, if you happened to miss the post from a few days ago about Abney Park’s new RPG, Airship Pirates, you can learn all about the book and put in a pre-order here.

3 comments on “Playing with Steam

  1. THanks so much for this post! I looked through these and think there is at least one I’ll probably get. Games can make for cheep fun during down economic times! And these are so colorful and imaginative that I’m looking forward to the escape. I had no idea that most of these existed.

    • aeflint says:

      I was particularly excited about this post. I was unaware of most of these games before I read the article, so I was very excited to tell you about it! That, and I love gaming. So that’s like an insta-win,

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