10 Essential iPhone Apps For Steampunk

In today’s world, having the Internet at your fingertips has infinite uses. You can look up things like bus routes or the latest news with just a few pokes at your smart phone or tablet computer, or you could just play Angry Birds all day too if that’s your thing.

I only recently upgraded from my “dumb” phone to a nice new shiny smart phone, and I’m on the hunt for all sorts apps that are supposedly going to make my life easier. I’ve already found a few that are pretty freaking awesome, including an app that allows me to update Trial By Steam on the go. Fancy!

There’s so many apps to choose from that having an idea of where to start when sorting through them can be helpful. Recently, GeekMom did an article entitled “Steampunkanalia: 10 Essential iPhone Apps For Steampunk GeekMoms” that highlights some excellent choices to consider downloading. And though the list is written specifically for Steampunk moms, this certainly isn’t limited to moms, so if you’re fortunate enough to have a smart phone, be sure to check the list out.

And, now that I have one of these newfangled smart phones, I’ll being exploring all of it’s features in the coming weeks. I’m hoping that translates into new content for you, my dear reader. If you’d like to make suggestions (micro blogging? Twitter? I don’t know yet, you guys tell me) please feel free to leave a comment or hunt me down on Facebook.