Why has steampunk persisted for so long?


Steampunk is something that many people wrote off on first sight as a fad that, with a few years time, would die an inevitable death as its fans moved on to the newest, most trendy thing in art and fashion. And yet, it has continued to persist and grows in popularity as people get swept up in Steampunk’s vast narrative and definition.

Recently on SF Signal, they tried to answer the conundrum of Steampunk’s continuing popularity and drew in some contributors from the movement and subculture to help answer the question. The answers were rather interesting and reflect the many different attitudes that people have when they approach Steampunk. You can check out the entire article here.

And for those of your particularly interested in the science fiction aspect of Steampunk, you may wish to extend your stay beyond the Steampunk article and have a look around the SF Signal website. It’s a great resource that gets updated frequently with great material.