The Tauruscat Dream Helmet

A long while back, I covered the incredible masks created by Tom Banwell here on Trial By Steam. He makes a vast array of different masks and other wearable art that I describe at length in that past post. If you’re interested in his work as a whole, I highly recommend you check out that old post here, where you can learn a bit about his background and see a short slideshow of a sampling of his work.

Tom’s been busy creating all kind of cool stuff since I last covered him here, and a recent creation was particularly interesting to to me. His Tauruscat Dream Helmet is a particularly steamy and unique design.

I love that this piece feels like it has a story behind it and conjures up my curiosity. Why is it called the Dream Helmet? What does it do? How does it work? You can see the full collection of Tom’s photos from the Dream Helmet’s completion at his blog.

If you happen to enjoy his work, you’ll be happy to know that many of his pieces are avaliable for sale at his Etsy store, Tom Banwell Designs. You may also be interested in browsing his website, Tom Banwell Leather.