A Summer Reading List for Crafters

Ah, summertime! It’s the perfect time of year to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunshine with a good book. Even crafters, difficult as they are to pull away from their projects, could stand to benefit their respective art by sitting down with a book on their preferred medium and learning about the latest ideas and trends.

To that end, I recently found an article entitled A Summer Reading List for Crafters by Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood on mlive, a website for Michigan local news. The article makes some great recommendations for books to pick up if you happen to craft within one of the various textile based arts. Arts featured in the piece include: knitting, screen printing, natural dyes, sewing, fleece and fiber, Steampunk (?), and quilting.

And while one of the above categories is definitely not like the others, all the book recommendations seem to be solid suggestions. Even the Steampunk one kind of has its place as a book on Steampunk doll making entitled Steampunk Softies: Scientifically-Minded Dolls from a Past That Never Was by Nicola Tedman. So for all my fabric crafting readers, and for those considering starting, do take a look at the reading list!