Steampunk iPhone 4 Case

I’ve seen a lot of Steampunked iPhone cases in my day. Believe me, I see more than my fair share of mediocre cases in my effort to weed through the junk and bring you only the very best of Steampunk here. But today’s case is pretty freaking sweet. Observe!

Oh my, it’s gorgeous!

Artist J. “Wilhelm” Dunn, the proprietor of VictorianSteampunk clearly put a considerable amount of attention into these intricate cases. There’s a ton of information on the cases and their various specs within each listing, so if you have questions about the specifics regarding the construction of purchase of one of these cases, please check it out.  These cases are available for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch from his etsy storefront. In addition to iDevice mods, he also has a small assortment of jewelry and keyrings.