DIY Vintage Mens Hairstyling

As promised, today’s post features the masculine aspects of grooming oneself during the Victorian era. Again, our dear friends at Sepiachord have trolled through the recesses of the internet to help make sure that all you Steampunk gentlemen are looking your finest.

Taken straight from the pages of the ‘London Academy of Gentlemen’s Hairdressing,’ the Sepiachord DIY Vintage Mens Hairstyling Guide has tips for haircuts and all manner of facial hair styles.

Be sure to check out the full guide for all of Sepiachord’s useful tips and tricks to being immaculately groomed. And after you and your lady are finished with your hairstyles for the day, be sure to check out the rest of Sepiachord for some awesome recommendations, reviews, and interviews from the world of Steampunk music.

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