The Buccaneer Keyboard

I’ve posted a respectable amount of computer keyboard mods here on Trial By Steam. There’s something about a keyboard and its connection between the old typewriters and the way we communicate through them via the internet that begs for them to be modded. So much of Steampunk is online, so it makes sense that keyboards, mice, and computers are modded in that retrofuturistic look that we all love with some frequency.

The Buccaneer Keyboard is the latest addition to the various appearances for your keyboard created by Rampkins, a handcrafted art site in Shropshire, England. The execution of this keyboard is fantastically Steampunk, and there’s not a single superfluous gear in the entire creation.

I love how they admit in the build log that they were inspired by my friend Jake Von Slatt, who also makes a slew of positively gorgeous things too. Steampunk has a way of inspiring people go get out and create something of their own, and this a beautiful example of how contagious creativity can be.

Be sure to check out the build log for lots more information on how this keyboard was made. Click here for more photos of the finished product.

One comment on “The Buccaneer Keyboard

  1. Kevin says:

    I just want to comment on the article. I think that’s just nuts and I am disgusted by false accusations concerning steampunk as some sexual fetish and other false accusations. Notice they even mis-name the movie ‘Sucker Punk’ when it’s really ‘Sucker Punch’ and scantily clad women isn’t limited to steampunk attire.
    I am a conservative Christian. Steam punk is different than ‘the norm’ but so what? How is steam punk anti-Christian or anti-Christ? It’s sci-fi and just a neat style. It’s sickening to see people who call themselves Christian and violate the “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”.
    I would just like to say all conservative Christians are NOT like that. Many may think it’s odd or weird, but I the Christians I know would never think of it as some sexual fetish or anything that goes against Christ. Since many people who are (were) Christians dressed like much of this about a century and a half ago, I doubt this goes against our faith in any way.
    Thank you for your time.

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