The Ultimate Guide to the Steampunk Movement

Beginners and veterans of the subculture are sure to find the topic of today’s post interesting. It usually seems that when outsiders look in on Steampunk, they’re pretty damn impressed. We’re a creative and outgoing lot for the most part, and most of the Steampunks I’ve had the opportunity to meet have been a complete delight. It’s no wonder that people want to get involved with what we have; in that sheer geeky sort of way, we’re actually pretty damn cool.

Another “Guide to Steampunk” was published as of late, this time by the Atlantic. It’s actually more of a coverage of The Steampunk Bible rather than a guide on its own, but some of the commentary is worth reading, and the comparison between an old cover of Jules Verne’s Voyages Extraordinaires and the Steampunk Bible is definitely worth a peek if you haven’t seen it before. Check out the entire article here.

And tomorrow, be sure to tune in when I highlight what happens in those rare occasions when outsiders look in to the Steampunk subculture and get it completely wrong.