What is Steampunk (and what is not)

EDIT: Apparently, the article in question actually is satire. I think, however, that good satire is supposed to use wit to make a general commentary on a vice or shortcoming with the effort of changing it through shame. The real topic of Christwire’s article, then, is conservative Christianity’s view of anything different, but it ultimately, in my opinion, fails to poke fun at its intended targets and serves only to incense and offend the subculture it addresses. There is neither sarcasm nor irony employed in the article, key facets of a good satirical article; instead, the article makes it look as if the statements being presented in the article are indeed fact when they are not.

As promised yesterday, today’s post highlights one group’s crazy interpretations of Steampunk and the nonsensical commentary on the subculture that follows.

Apparently, conservative Christianity just found out about Steampunk this month. And man, are we some nasty, fucked up people in their eyes. Christwire recently published the article What Is Steampunk? and, well, this is how they define Steampunk:

Steampunk is a new sexual fetish that is sweeping across hipster groups in liberal urban areas. It is a sub-genre of hipsters that like Star Wars, books from the wild west, and World of Warcraft.

I’ll be honest, when I first read that, I seriously thought that was satire. I was all like, “Lulz, that’s pretty fucking hilarious.” But then I read on, and it became suddenly and sadly clear to me that these people are serious. Their website’s tagline is literally, “Conservative values for an unsaved world.” Here it is in case you didn’t believe me.

Holy shit.

This article is full of amazingly ill-informed statements about the subculture, and talks about things I’ve never even heard of that are, according to this wack-job, important facets of the Steampunk subculture. It is almost inconceivable how wrong this article gets our subculture.

If this article would have been published to something like The Onion, it’d just be plain funny. But instead, this website claims to be informing people about a subculture who are inclined to take their word as truth. They tout themselves as a news source. As a Steampunk and a writer who values an objective viewpoint in what she reads and writes, this is just disgusting.

I feel bad for some young Steampunk whose parents read this article and believe that this is actually what Steampunk is about. This article is full of fear mongering typical of the conservative Christian right that is threatened by creativity and originality. They’ve somehow managed to transform an aesthetic and art inspired lifestyle into a perversion, and I can’t help but feel disappointed in their closed-mindedness and the falsehoods they’ve chosen to publish.

3 comments on “What is Steampunk (and what is not)

  1. Erin says:

    I read that article last week and was honestly… I cannot describe how incensed I was over it.
    My friends all were trying to think it was just a joke, thanks to the constant misspellings… But part of me fears that they aren’t just putting it out there as a joke.

    Sure, I’m fond of Lady Clankington.. and Chester XYV 5000… but thats as far as the sexual deviance goes in the steampunk world as far as I’m really concerned. No way do those small subplots in the grand encyclopedia of Steam mean it is the main attraction or even anything close to what they are trying to turn it into.

    Still furious over the article.

  2. Mary Lou Sullivan says:

    My Dear Miss Flint –

    I too read the article and was appalled, until I looked further down the “Comments” section and found this reference to the Wikipedia article on “Christwire’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christwire

    Fear not, it is merely a satirical website, albeit a most convincing one.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Mrs. Sullivan

  3. Larry says:

    I understand that Christwire is a satirical site, similar to the Onion.

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