Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination Kickstarter

Those of you who love helping to fund Steampunk creative ventures will likely be very interested in one of the more recent projects to appear on Kickstarter. History Beyond Imagination is a museum exhibit imagined by Aeronaut Productions L.L.C. and The Muzeo. They hope to create a traveling, museum exhibit that will “explore the origins, personalities, and lasting effects of an imaginative aesthetic born in “The Age of Steam”, through a collection of artifacts, replicas and informational displays.”

Here’s their video on the project:

It looks to be a rather impressive exhibition. If you’d like to see it become a reality, do head over to their kickstarter page and contribute. Every dollar helps in a kickstarter project, inching them ever closer to their goal. If, however, they fail to meet that goal, they don’t get any of the pledged money. So be sure to swing by and help out if you can!

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