Starving Artist Taking Digital Drawing Commissions

Moving to a new place with only a dream and a few measly possessions can be very daunting. The new environment, the strange people, the different pace of life, it can all get pretty overwhelming for someone new in town. It’s even more difficult when you move somewhere without a job on the hope that somehow, things will work out all right in the long run. I know from first hand experience; when I sold everything but what would fit in two suitcases and flew to Seattle to carve out my own corner of Steampunk bliss here in the Steampunk capitol of the world, I didn’t know everything was going to work out okay in the end. Thankfully, it did. I got my shit sorted with a lot of luck and help, but it took a while.

Another Steampunk, Ms. Dana Hill, also arrived in Seattle not too long ago with naught but a few possessions and the determination to make Seattle her new home. But without a job and the necessities of rent and food piling up, Dana has decided to start taking commissions so she can live out her own dream of making Seattle her new home. Most of you know Dana as the creator and guardian of Nathan Plushie. She’s a talented artist in a wide variety of mediums and styles. Here’s her note, straight off her Facebook Page:

I know I’ve done this a bunch of times before and immediately flaked on my offer, but that’s when I had a job. Alas… now I seriously am in need of some moneys and I haven’t found a new job yet. Correction… I’ve found a lot of jobs, but I haven’t been given any of them yet. Which is lame. So! I’m going to be offering up my, as StrongBad would say, skeels of an artist in exchange for your dollars that will go toward rectifying my sudden unintentional hunger strike. I don’t have internet at home so correspondence might be a bit slow (I check my messages almost every day here at the library, but I’m only here for an hour or two in the afternoon), but if you want to help me out here’s what you can do:

Send me a PM with a character (an original or existing character, doesn’t matter) you’d really really like to have drawn. If you have a reference picture of your character, fantastic. If not, be as descriptive as possible. Alternatively, if your character doesn’t have a design yet, you can be really vague and I’ll fill in the rest of the details with… probably stripes and boots, ’cause that’s how I roll.

How much you decide to help me out with will determine how much time I spend on your drawing. Based on the pricing chart below, pick how much of your character you want drawn and in what coloring style. I’ll reply with my paypal address, you drop some moneys in it, and in a day or two you’ll have some shiny new doodlies. (All examples are from my deviantART gallery.)

  •  $1 – $5: Head sketch (Example)
  • $6 – $10 Full body sketch (Example)
  • $11 – $20 Head or full body flat colors (Example)
  • $21 – $30 Head or full body cell shading (Example)
  • $31 – $40 Head or full body soft shading (Example)
  • $41 – $50 Head or full body cell or soft shading with simple background (Example 1 | Example 2)
  • $51+ Head or full body cell or soft shading with complex background (Example)

On a side note, pixel art (Example) falls into the cell shading category. As of right now, my traditional art supplies are all packed away in storage, so I’m only able to offer digital art at this time.

Help a starving artist!

If you’re at all interested, be sure to contact Dana and chat with her about working out something. You’ll both be very happy you did!

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