Steampunk Bicycles

Seattle is a city of bicyclists, which still kind of surprises me, because it’s also a city of hills. Big hills. No seriously. BIG hills. Which is why when cyclists go whizzing by me as we make our respective ways downtown, I can’t help but wonder if they’re planning to bike all the way back up, or just cheat and take the bus (I would totally cheat).

Bicycles have been around since the Victorian times in their various incarnations, which makes Steampunking them a particular challenge. There isn’t much room to speculate on how a Victorian bicycle would have looked because, well, the exist. Steampunk and bicycles, therefore, more often than not intersect at fiction, and most of the mods are heavy with the what-ifs and limitless possibilities of Steampunk as a branch of speculative fiction.

An article by 1-800-Recycling features ten Steampunk bicycles from a time that never was. Check out the full article here, and when your done, think about dragging that old bike out of the shed and getting to work!