Mac and Typewriter Desktop Rig

Take an old Mac and a typewriter, and with creativity, time, and care, you might come out with an awesome invention that looks something like this:

Built from a 1991 Mac and a 114-year old Remington typewriter, artist Steve La Riccia combines two different perspectives of retro in one fully functional computing rig dubbed Wosniak’s Conundrum. Aside from the typewriter, the mod also has a mouse with a repurposed Morse code telegraph key, and a 56K modem made up of old telephone parts. And it has a floppy drive. What an antique!

The computer runs Mac OS 7.5 and features a word processor, calculator, spreadsheet program and even a flight simulator and Tetris. You can read more about it here. Check out the video below if you’d like a better look at it!

At present, you can view Wosniak’s Conundrum at the Apple Store in Eugene, Oregon.