Steampunk Plasma Speaker

Steampunk does some pretty amazing things when it blends the Victorian aesthetic with the technology of today. Some might argue that doing so is quintessentially Steampunk. But what about combining the aesthetic of the Victorians with technology from the future?

Sorry folks, we still haven’t figured out time travel, but Polish artist Conscious Flesh has combined the Steampunk look with a speaker that creates sound not by the vibrations of a speaker cone but by plasma. See it in action right here!

If you’re one of my many maker readers, do be sure to visit his page for the speaker. He goes into detail about how he made it and how it works as well. It might just inspire you to create something new yourself! And don’t fret, it’s all in English.

And that’s just the beginning. There’s all kinds of cool projects by Conscious Flesh on his website. You should definitely check it out if you were impressed with the speaker.