Steampunk Playing Card Deck

Playing cards were invented during in ancient China have been around since the Tang Dynasty. Which means Steampunk and the Victorian age can claim no particular right to playing cards other than their prevalence saloons and gambling dens of the American West.

This historical heritage, however, is more than enough to inspire people to create Steampunk versions of a playing card deck featuring steamy versions of the standard deck. Lance T. Miller is designing a set after a wildly successful kickstarter for the project.

The deck is planned to print sometime this month and is, at present, still available for pre-order at Lance’s online store. Perfect for Steampunk gamblers, soothsayers, and magicians as well as the casual card player, this deck will likely appeal to your sense of anachronistic style. Be sure to check back to Lance’s website often to see when this deck goes in to print!

One comment on “Steampunk Playing Card Deck

  1. Hello! Thanks for this wonderful post about my project. I just wanted to let you and your readers know that the project has been pushed back slightly because we are testing new inks and papers for this deck as well as determining a way to make it one of the first individually numbered decks ever available… All very time consuming things. Also apparently, I structured my files like an artist and not like a printer, so I had to redo the file which took forever. That was entirely my fault. I just want to give full disclosure for anyone looking to invest in the project or my cards.

    All in all, it may take a little more time but it will definitely be worth it in the end 🙂

    Thanks again,

    Lance T. Miller

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