The Steampunk Lab

One of Steampunk’s many draws is its ability to inspire people to create. Getting people to tap into their own creativity to make something uniquely theirs is a powerful facet to any movement, and I love that to many people, they view the maker aspect of Steampunk as being central to their very definition of what Steampunk means to them.

With all that creativity floating around in the aether, one might hope for a central place for it all to collect. A sort of photo gallery and idea repository for awesome ideas on the Steampunk aesthetic to help inspire your own projects. This has been tried before in concept with the (unfortunately now defunct) Antiquarian Guild of Inventors and Engineers, but that doesn’t mean it’s done for good.

The Steampunk Lab is a collection of Steampunk inspired projects, featuring photographs of everything table lamps to wristwatches. If you’re looking for inspiration on your next project, you’ll find tons of images that bring Steampunk to life. They even have guides and a help forum to help you realize your next project. For help from concept to finished product, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this invaluable resource.

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