Heritage Days and the Steam Ball

Attention all Steampunks in the Greater Northwest! Tomorrow, Abney Park will be performing at Steam Ball in Port Angeles as part of their Heritage Days event. This looks to be a rather unique event celebrating the history of the town on its own, and with the addition of an Abney Park concert, it’s going to be an awesome weekend.

Tickets can purchased from the NW Performing Arts website for 22$ each and will be held at will call if purchased online. This show has the expanded line up some of you were able to experience at the Seattle show Abney Park played last month, with an extra guitar player and a brass section to flesh out Abney Park’s already amazing sound. It’s something you definitely need to experience if you haven’t heard it for yourself yet.

And, if your heading out to the show, do consider making a weekend out of the Heritage Weekend events over the weekend which includes tea with Teddy Roosevelt, Harbor tours, and plethora of  other events to entertain and delight before your favorite airship pirates take the stage.

I’ll be there for the weekend (in fact, I’m there now!) and I hope to see you out here as well! Hooray for a weekend of fun!