Updates from Frenchy and the Punk

Frenchy and the Punk have started their Fall touring, and they’ll be running all along the eastern half of the United States playing shows and making lots of splendid noise for anyone who will listen.

In their recently released email, they shared some updates with those of us who subcribe to their emails. This is some of what Samantha and Scott had to say:

We’re gearing up to hit the road once again. We have been at home base in New York for a few weeks working on new music. It’s the first time in six years that we have been on the east coast during the summer months! Last year we were keeping cool in July in Washington and Oregon … it sure is hot here in NY!

We have a couple of projects in the works. We will be re-recording some drum and instrumental dance tunes (from At the Carnival Eclectique and new ones) as well as recording new material… so two new CDs in the works! We will be launching a kickstarter campaign in the coming weeks with fun gifts in exchange for donations… we will keep you posted on that as it develops. The 24hr auction in January was fun but very intense… so we’re going with kickstarter this time! BUT… there will definitely be fun photos attached to that endeavor as well.

They also included a long list of upcoming shows that they will be playing. Unfortunately, these are focused primarily on the east coast, but those of you in the mid-west and far out west with me should not fret: they are working on their plans for 2012 already. Hopefully they’ll be in your area of the country soon enough. Here’s the schedule for the fall as it stands:

  • Fri Aug 26  –  NYC, Brookyn – Branded Saloon
  • Sun Aug 28 – DE, Dover – PPD Festival by Bell Book & Candle
  • Thur Sept 1 – GA, Atlanta – DragonCon (Hyatt Centennial Ballroom)
  • Sept 2/3   –    GA, Atlanta – DragonCon (Coucourse show in Hyatt tba)
  • Sun Sept 4 –  GA, Atlanta – DragonCon – (Time Travelers Ball, Westin Hotel)
  • Fri Sept 9   –  NYC, Teneleven (Benefit for Four Legs Animal Shelter)
  • Sat Sept 17 – MA, Fitchburg – Great New England Steampunk Exhibition
  • Sat Oct 24 –   NH, Peterborough – Celebrate Samhain Festival
  • Sat Oct 29 –   LA, New Orleans – Witches Ball

Hopefully you can catch them at one of their upcoming shows. It’s always a treat to see them!