Steampunk, the Art of Victorian Futurism

A new book featuring the work of some amazingly talented Steampunk authors has been recently published in the UK under the title: Steampunk, the Art of Victorian Futurism. This publication, by Jay Strongman and released by Korero Books, contains some breathtakingly gorgeous art from the subculture. Look!

Ooh, shiney.

This absolutely gorgeous book is being sold via Korero’s website for £24.99. I’m not currently sure on the price of purchase and shipping to the United States as you have to contact the publisher to get particular  rates beyond the UK and EU. Here’s the publisher’s description of the work:

Discover a remarkable world of invention and wonder. From gaslight horrors, to steam-powered dirigibles; from anthropomorphic machine sculptures, to eccentric creations from the cast-offs of Empire. Embark on a literary and artistic adventure to a Neo-Victorian world of talented craftsmen and artists. Brass goggles not provided.

If you’re looking to keep your Steampunk library up to date on all the latest publications, this is one release you certianly don’t want to disregard.

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3 comments on “Steampunk, the Art of Victorian Futurism

  1. Larry says:

    Wonderful art!

  2. Maria Brown says:

    I don’t know if this is the case on a widespread basis, but I bought my copy of this book at Barnes and Noble earlier this week for about $35. The art is stunning 😀

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