Frahnknshtyne Updates

And to follow up with yesterday’s post the book Steampunk: The Art of Victorian Futurism,one of the many artists featured in the compendium was the very talented Kevin Mowrer the author and illustrator of Frahnknshtyne. His presence in yesterday’s highlight made me curious as to what he’s been up to since my interview with him back in January.

Turns out the story of Frahnknshtyne is progressing along quite nicely and the art is, as is to be expected, positively breathtaking. Here’s what he had to tell me about his project in a recent message:

I’m well into the writing of the story for Frahnknshtyne and it’s going quite well.  In the process, a side story and characters popped out so I captured them as a future additional story to develop in the same world once Frahnknshtyne is done and out.  To solidify the concept before I set it aside for later, I illustrated the two main characters and put it on the blog. The working title is “The Pinkerton and the Princess

That’s some fabulous looking art! If this sort of thing piques your interest, I must insist that you go immediately over to the Frahnknshtyne site because more awesomeness awaits you there. You can also follow all of Kevin’s posts from his site and keep up to date on all his releases on his Facebook page.