Steampunk Lego Models

When I was young, I was in love with Legos. Obsessed with them. Literally could not have enough of them. When I had my garage to sell (almost) all my worldly possessions to move from Dallas to Seattle, I was sad to see my beloved blocks go, though it had been years since I last built anything with them.

I would love building the kits of pirate ships and hideouts and medieval castles, but my favorite part about my Legos was that, after I was done building the neatly designed edifices, I could take them apart and make my own creations. I had a whole table that was was filled with the things I had built, and it was awesome.

I preferred buildings to vehicles, but a recently published article of Lego crafted machines has me reflecting on my building days. Steampunked over at Doodlers Anonymous has a collection of impressive Steampunk war machine models forged from my favorite building block. Check it out:

What’s even cooler is that Beau Donnan, a mechanical engineer by trade, sketched and then built the machines based on the designs he had drawn up. Here’s the concept image for the Lego actualization above:

Wow, cool. I never went into anything near that much planning when I built stuff from Legos. My constructions were mostly stream-of-consciousness, definitely no where near this much consideration went into what I was going to make on any given day. It’s really impressive!

Be sure to check out the entire article here where you can also find links to Beau’s flickr account for more fantastic Lego creations.

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