Steampunk in Seattle: Updates from the Wayward Cafe

In November of 2010, I made my first trip up to Seattle from Dallas to decide if I liked the city enough to consider moving there. Needless to say, I was positively enchanted by everything I experienced. So now I live here.

During my week long venture, I managed to meet up with the local Steeampunk meet-up group, the Steam Rats, for their weekly get-together at Wayward Cafe. I met so many awesome people there that I would later run into at the con and beyond once I settled here as a resident. Getting to meet so many interesting people in such a short span of time really gave me a profound understanding for the immense amount of creativity and originality that springs from the Seattle Steampunk scene. Meeting all of them was everything I could have ever hoped for.

That next Monday, the Wayward burned down, and meetings there came to a grinding, screeching halt. Every since then, the Steam Rats have been more or less displaced, trying out various locations throughout the greater Seattle area but never really finding what amounted to a replacement for the Wayward.

Fortunately, though, the Wayward has finally found a new home, this time in the Ravenna neighborhood. They expect to reopen sometime in mid-October. Read all the great news for the Seattle Steampunk scene at large here on the Steamrat’s Google Group.

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