The Best Uses of Steampunk on Television

I’ll be the first to admit that I know pretty much nothing about television and what’s good these days. It’s been years since I owned a TV and even longer than that I actually invested any time in watching a series with any resemblance of dedication. So I’m really not the person to tell you what is and isn’t worth your time on TV. Go figure.

But, other people on the internet are experts in these sorts of things, and they’re just thrilled to pieces about some of the ways Steampunk has been used on the tube. An article recently published to io9 entitled, The Best Uses of Steampunk on Television gives you precisely that. With shows like the original Wild, Wild West and The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, there’s likely something here for every Steampunk with a television out there.

As for those of us who have never watched any of these shows, what would you say your top picks would be? I’ve got a long weekend ahead of me… tell me why I, and perhaps other Steampunks, should spend it watching your favorite series.

One comment on “The Best Uses of Steampunk on Television

  1. Larry says:

    Right now, there’s little that I know of on TV. Two shows are in the works that Steampunks might like. On SyFy there will soon be a spin off of Warehouse 13, which follows the adventures of Warehouse 12 set in the UK during the later part of the 19th century. The word is will be very Steampunk. Another is that Ron Moore (widely known for creating the excellent re-imagined Battlestar Galactica for SyFy) is planning on bringing back the TV show WIld Wild West. Little is known yet about the details, it’s still in early pre-production, but he has a good reputation for quality.

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