Vintage Seattle

Being the geeky historian that I am, a lot of my interest in Steampunk stems from my past historical studies. I love learning about the past, and Steampunk gives me a wonderful way to blend fact and fiction into one impossible narrative. Getting to experience and understand our past gives us a better understanding of how we got to where we are at present, giving us a context for our modern world.

Combine my love of history with the fact that I absolutely adore Seattle and you’ve got a love affair just waiting to happen, which is why I love the blog Vintage Seattle. This blog focuses on images from all the years of Seattle’s past, so it isn’t specifically Steampunk, so to speak, but it is definitely going to be a resource all of my history geeks will adore. Retro-punks of all convictions are likely to find something within that sparks their interest. Like, for example, this photo of an unknown street from an unknown time:

Check out the original post here. I really like that all these posts are in high resolution, so you can really study these images and get a good feel for their subjects. Make sure to check out the entire blog here.

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