Airships in the Artic

As resources in our planet become increasingly scarce, people are turning to new solutions to meet modern demand in new ways. I’ve posted a few articles in the past that have featured the possible return of airships to our skies, but they always seem to be riddled with footnotes about how we might not even have enough of the necessary resources to make airships a viability. Our supply of helium, for example, is quickly dwindling.

But yesterday I stumbled across this article of what airships are doing right now. This isn’t speculation, it’s fact. With climate change altering the face of Canada’s northern territories, ice roads have become treacherous and decreasingly dependable. The solution? Airships, well, sort of.Canadian company Discovery Air has signed a contract with the UK’s Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) to buy approximately 45 new hybrid air vehicles for use in Canada’s Northwest territories. While technically not airships, these vessels make use of not explosive helium and the aerodynamic design of their fuselage for lift.

While global warming is definitely not cool, the reemergence of airships as a way to deal with our changing world is an interesting revival of technology that was, at one point considered extinct, is an interesting cycle of research and reapplication of old knowledge. To read more about the sale, head over to New Scientist’s post from yesterday.

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  1. Wow. Even if this technology doesn’t pan out, it is great for the imagination. I’m rooting for it though! Fun stuff.

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