A Fire Breathing Steampunk Octopus

The same weekend as DragonCon is Burning Man, an event which also attracts a number of Steampunks to the west coast. For one week, the Black Rock Desert turns into Black Rock City and attracts makers from all around the world. This is definitely a different crowd of people than you get at your typical convention… there’s a strong maker presence there and many of the people have interests in radical self-expression, self-reliance and DIY all aspects that so important to the Steampunk lifestyle. If you’ve never been to Burning Man or don’t quite understand what it’s all about, I sincerely recommend you check out this webpage. The FAQ is also really helpful.

The concept that is the foundation of Burning Man attracts some pretty awesome Steampunks and their amazing creations. This year, for example, the highlight was a fire breathing Steampunk octopus. I’m not even kidding. Here it is:

Rawr! It’s awesome!