Steampunk Fonts

Last month, I wrote an article highlighting ways to customize your various computing devices through an article by How to Geek. They had a lot of really nice offerings for computers, iphones, ipads and a various other assortment of items to help give them more of a Steampunk flair. They’re back again with a new spin on last month’s post, this time featuring fonts.

I kind of have a love / hate relationship with wild fonts. I can appreciate that how words appear can sometimes say things beyond what is actually written. I like hand-writing a lot of my personal correspondences for that reason. But man, I hate it when I get a document that I have to download an extra item just to see what it is that you wanted me to read.

So, there’s a time and a place for a good font. To give your latest creation that nice finishing touch it needs to look period appropriate, check out this list and download yourself a goodie.

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  1. Jonathan Whirlygig says:

    Trying to find these has been driving me up the wall. Thanks so much for posting!

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