Horrible Histories: Victorian Slang

Horrible Histories is a British historical comedy series for kids that was started in 2009. A lot like Histeria! from the late 90’s, this series takes historical fact and turns it on its head to inform in amusing fashion. I featured one of their clips earlier this year entitled Victorian Inventions that you should definitely check out if you missed.

Steampunks of all persuasions will likely be interested in another of Horrible Histories’ TV clips, Victorian Slang. Check it out below:

Whether you’re in to writing, character acting or history in general, you’re likely to find this helpful for adding a bit of a historical anchor to your character. You’ll be delighted to learn that there’s many other installments of Horrible Histories, and I feel they’re a great resource and an accessible medium for learning tidbits of history, invaluable for the armchair historian. Heck, if you’ve got a sense of humor, you’re at least likely to be amused and in my opinion, that’s invaluable in and of itself.

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