Steampunk Analog Gauge Moonphase Clock

If you’ve been reading for any length of time, you know how much I love the online resource Instructables. By making DIY accessible to anyone with an internet connection, it transforms the “I could never make something like that” mentality into “Hey, I think I can make that too” thought process. One of the cool things about Steampunk is the ability to inspire the DIY mentality in people who never thought they were technically skilled enough to make things on their own. What starts as a simple project could easily, after training and education in a particular field, become an art or trade.

Today’s project is a cool Analog Gauge Moonphase Clock created by fatratmatt of Instructables. Check it out:


While this project is not necessarily aimed at beginners, the instructions are clear enough that if you’re of sound mind and abold constitution, this is something you could probably take on and enjoy. Check out the full project and all the instructions here.

Do you have a favorite tutorial you think I should highlight here? Maybe you just finished a project you’d like to talk to others about how you made. Send me a message… I’d love to see what you lovely people come up with! Who knows, it might be the stuff of a future post here!

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