The Victorian Furniture Company

Long time readers will know that earlier this year, I moved from Dallas, Texas to Seattle Washington with naught but two suitcases and a plane ticket. Everything that couldn’t fit in those cases had to be sold or donated, so it should be of little surprise that when I did finally land my own (gorgeous) apartment, it was, um, kind of empty.

Not that that’s a problem. I don’t mind sitting on cushions on the floor, but I feel bad for expecting my guests to be cool with it too. It’s definitely not the comfiest seating arrangement possible.

I’ve been looking for furniture for my living room that’s both well-made and sufficiently retro to fit with the aesthetic of my home. And it hasn’t been easy. Most vintage and retro furniture that’s around nowadays isn’t from the right time period or is exorbitantly expensive and found at antique stores. Look, I love antiques just as much as the next retrofuturist, but if a 2,000 dollar couch needs re-stuffing and reupholstering before I can think of using it for what it was intended, I’m going to hesitate before I shell out for it.

Fortunately, I recently discovered the Victorian Furniture Company, a website dealing in reproduction home furnishings. They have a lot of really beautiful offerings that are customizable with regards to finishes and fabrics, so you’ll get exactly what you need/want for the room you’re redesigning, or in my case, furnishing for the first time. Head on over and check out their designs.

I particularly like that they list where all their woods come from, so you won’t have to wonder where it’s coming from. All their wood selections come from the USA, and they even denote what state in the drop-down selections. Neat!

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