Thanks a Lot, Lancelot

Earlier this year, I did an interview with the always uproarious and entertaining Not Waving But Drowning, a junkyard caberet band hailing from New York. If you happened to miss the interview, you can read it all here. As informative as it is amusing, I think you’ll get a good understanding for this group’s eccentricities by taking a peek at the piece.

I’ve recently heard from them again, and they’re thrilled to unveil their very first music video for the song Thanks a Lot, Lancelot, featuring a pet lobster, a besotted butler, and multiple homicides. Watch all the madness below:

If you’ve found you’ve discovered a new favorite band, you’ll be happy to learn Not Waving But Drowning is planning to spend most of October touring the East Coast as part of their Red Roaring Water Tour. If you’re on that side of the country, you should go see them!
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