London’s Secret River

Quick, what’s the name of London’s major rivers? Yes, of course the Thames, but what about that other one?

What other one, you might ask?

It turns out that there is a there is a whole network of rivers that flow beneath London, but their subterranean nature has caused it to be forgotten by much of history and popular knowledge. This mysterious river, known as Fleet River, is London’s largest subterranean river has a long history and was a major river during Roman times.

One of your fellow readers sent me a link from Environmental Graffiti a little while back featuring a series of recently snapped photographs of the river. The photo-essay, Exploring the Secret River Flowing Beneath London, gives a fascinating glimpse into Fleet River and successfully uncovered yet another intriguing layer of the world beneath the streets of London.

Here’s the first photo in the series:

Check out the full essay here!

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  1. Kevin Letts says:

    Amazing shots! It reminds me a little of Neil Gaiman’s “Neverwhere.”

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