A Steampunk Telescope for Stromlo

It’s interesting to see where Steampunk pops up as it gains popularity and presence in more people’s minds. While it is hardly surprising that Steampunk should be embraced by a scientific community, it is rather amazing to put their knowledge of the subculture to work in the creation of a modern telescope.

In 1911, a beautiful and at the time, high tech telescope called the Oddie was brought to the brand spanking new Australian Capital Territory and Mount Stromlo Observatory. In 2003, however, a fire destroyed the telescope.

Enter, then, Steampunk and the restoration efforts of Dr. Tim Wetherell, a Steampunk, scientist and sculptor. He decided to craft a modern version of the Oddie with a nod to it’s ancestor’s aesthetics, and this is was the result:

This month, Mount Stromlo Observatory is celebrating its centenary with the installation of Dr. Wetherell’s gorgeous new piece. To read more about it and see additional pictures, check out the original article here.