Off The Grid Pre-Sales

As everyone’s favorite airship pirates are settling into this weekend’s port of Corpus Christi, I have some great news for fans all over the world. Abney Park‘s latest album, Off The Grid, will be pre-released on October 15th, 2011 at 12 noon PST.

This acoustic album brings a new and different sound to the band that, chances are, you’ve never heard before. Here’s the track list for Off The Grid:

  1. The Ballad Of Ranch Hand Robbie
  2. Bad Things Coming
  3. Evil Man
  4. The Apocalypse
  5. Neither One Lets Go
  6. Off The Grid
  7. Stigmata Martyr
  8. The Wrong Side
  9. To The Apocalypse in Daddies Side Car
  10. Space Cowboy
  11. Aether Shanties
  12. I’ve Been Wrong Before
  13. My Life

Fans of the band will likely recognize many of the songs, with a few new pieces thrown in. Here’s what Captain Robert had to say about it:

This album is a milestone for Abney Park, and many have already called it a huge artistic breakthrough. Not only is it called Off The Grid, the musicians were off the grid when we recorded it! Other then the machine used to make the recordings, everything on this album is completely unplugged. But far from being a handicap, this has triggered an explosion of creativity in Abney Park that has never before been rivaled. The result is an album that I am more proud of than anything to date!

In the hours leading up to the album release, you’ll get the opportunity to log in to an online party to chat with members of the band about the album and await it’s release.

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