De Dion Bouton Et Trepardoux Dos-A-Dos Steam Runabout

Thankfully, I live in a city where things like a car are a luxury rather than a necessity to live a full-functioning life as an adult. I can pretty much to to anywhere in the greater Seattle area on a convenient bus. Public transit is definitely awesome.

But there are days that I wished I had a car. It’s often wet in Seattle, and paper grocery bags and wet don’t tend to get along very well. One time, it started to rain on my way home from the grocery store, and just as I was stepping up to my front door, the bottom caved out of my bag. It was hilarious and tragic at the same time.

If, in this hypothetical world where I needed a car and money was no object, I needed something completely extravagant to proclaim my Steampunk affiliations to the world, this car might be something to consider:

That’s the De Dion Bouton Et Trepardoux Dos-A-Dos Steam Runabout, or La Marquise for short, and it’s the oldest running car in existence, created in 1884.

Want to learn more about this crazy car? Click here for the original article which is packed full of history Steampunk across the board are sure to love.

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