Steampunk Fonts

Last month, I wrote an article highlighting ways to customize your various computing devices through an article by How to Geek. They had a lot of really nice offerings for computers, iphones, ipads and a various other assortment of items to help give them more of a Steampunk flair. They’re back again with a new spin on last month’s post, this time featuring fonts.

I kind of have a love / hate relationship with wild fonts. I can appreciate that how words appear can sometimes say things beyond what is actually written. I like hand-writing a lot of my personal correspondences for that reason. But man, I hate it when I get a document that I have to download an extra item just to see what it is that you wanted me to read.

So, there’s a time and a place for a good font. To give your latest creation that nice finishing touch it needs to look period appropriate, check out this list and download yourself a goodie.

Steampunk Desktop Customization

If your desktop has been looking a bit bland as of late, I’ve got an article which definitely deserves your attention. The technology aspect behind Steampunk and the massive amount of our subculture that lives on the internet makes the computer an appealing medium through which people create Steampunk art. In the article, Desktop Fun: Steampunk Customization Set the art has extended to your computer and various iDevices so you can have the perfect aesthetic for all your electronic devices.

This is just a sample of tons of wallpapers, icons, skins and backgrounds that are available to download from the article. Give your computer a nice, steamy makeover and check out the collection. You’re almost certain to find something you’ll like.

10 Essential iPhone Apps For Steampunk

In today’s world, having the Internet at your fingertips has infinite uses. You can look up things like bus routes or the latest news with just a few pokes at your smart phone or tablet computer, or you could just play Angry Birds all day too if that’s your thing.

I only recently upgraded from my “dumb” phone to a nice new shiny smart phone, and I’m on the hunt for all sorts apps that are supposedly going to make my life easier. I’ve already found a few that are pretty freaking awesome, including an app that allows me to update Trial By Steam on the go. Fancy!

There’s so many apps to choose from that having an idea of where to start when sorting through them can be helpful. Recently, GeekMom did an article entitled “Steampunkanalia: 10 Essential iPhone Apps For Steampunk GeekMoms” that highlights some excellent choices to consider downloading. And though the list is written specifically for Steampunk moms, this certainly isn’t limited to moms, so if you’re fortunate enough to have a smart phone, be sure to check the list out.

And, now that I have one of these newfangled smart phones, I’ll being exploring all of it’s features in the coming weeks. I’m hoping that translates into new content for you, my dear reader. If you’d like to make suggestions (micro blogging? Twitter? I don’t know yet, you guys tell me) please feel free to leave a comment or hunt me down on Facebook.

Steampunk Ubuntu Conky

I’ve got a treat for all you Ubuntu users this evening! BeSlayed over at deviantART has created a new Steamy conky design that is sure to please your computing sensibilities.

Click on the photo to view the entire thing in detail on BeSlayed’s deviantART and download the conky scripts for free. If you’re unfamiliar about what a conky is or how to get it working on your computer, these instructions from the Ubuntu forums are likely to be of assistance. These are only for Ubuntu users, but don’t lament! Ubuntu is an open source operating system that’s free to download and love. You can pick up your own copy here.

Steampunk Rotary Smart Phone

It’s about time for me to get a new cell phone, and there’s many a model for me to consider. All these phones do so many newfangled things nowadays, and I just got texting like, a year ago. So I’m behind the times. I’ve been plugging away with my little “dumb phone” (read, not smart) for a while and I was pretty much convinced I could leave those smart phones for people whose emails are considerably more pressing than mine.

Until I saw this:

Rotary smart phone?! What is this awesomeness?

Even in its prototype form, I can feel the pull of the smartphone dark side whispering sweetly in my ear, “Oh Audelia, you know this handcrafted phone is just perfect for your sense of style. And wouldn’t you love to do blog posts from your phone?”

Shush you!

This phone was created by Richard Clarkson, and he has some interesting things to say about what the phone is and why he created it in the first place, via designboom:

The rotary mechanical smartphone is based on the idea of incorporating more feeling and life into our everyday digital objects. In modern times these objects have come to define us, but who and what defines these objects? Are we happy with the generic rectangles of a touchscreen or do we want something with more tangibility, something with more life, something with more aura?  ‘Rotary mechanical’ is a question not only about the ever increasing ‘digital take-over’ of everything in our lives but also what is lost when this happens.

I’ll be paying close attention to both Richard’s and Rotary Mechanical’s tumblrs as this project continues along.

Steampunk Laptop Pre-orders

There’s hardly a Steampunk that’s unfamiliar with Datamancer’s Steampunk laptop. It’s one of the first things that comes up in image searches for Steampunk and is an incredible example of Steampunk art. Sometimes, when I’m explaining the aethetic of Steampunk to people who are entirely unfamiliar with the concept, I pull up its image and say, “This. This is Steampunk.”

Five years ago, the first Steampunk laptop was created, and it has been charming people around the world ever since. And now, one of these beautiful devices can be yours.

Datamancer has determined to create replicas of the original Steampunk laptop for your purchase, and pre-orders for it are now open. The price is high, but well worth the investment into a piece of functional Steampunk art created by hand by the artist. For more information and details on the specs of the Steampunk laptop, and how to go about ordering your own, be sure to visit Datamancer’s website.

Steampunk Icons and Desktop Themes

Those of you interested in steaming up your computer’s display will be pleased by the topic of tonight’s posting.  I’ve got a desktop theme for Window’s 7 and icons that are available for free download.

The Window’s 7 theme is called Echoes in Time and features sixteen different wallpapers from which you can choose. Here’s a small sampling of the various looks you can download:

Unfortunately, the theme is only good for Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions, but if you happen to have one of those, you’re in luck!

There are also free icons you can download, and are available  in .ico and .icns formats. These Steampunk System Preferences have been created by burntheashes0 and can be acquired here.

These are really well done! And you can’t ask for much more being that they’re completely free. Download and enjoy!