Steampunk Exhibition Ball Tickets on Sale

Steampunks hailing from the greater Seattle area will be pleased to hear that tickets for the 2012 Steampunk Exhibition Ball are now on sale. Early bird general admission tickets start at 25$ (27 with service fees) and go up from there based on the level of VIP you prefer.

The Steampunk Exhibition Ball is a benefit for the Center for Sex Positive Culture. The CSPC is a 501(c)7 dedicated to providing a safe place for adults to explore their sexuality.

This is one of the bigger events for the Steampunk community here in Seattle, so I do hope you grab your tickets now or at least pencil it into your calendar.

Frenchy and the Punk’s BIG Music Project Kickstarter

One of my favorite bands to be embraced by the subculture, Frenchy and the Punk have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their latest musical undertaking, two full length CDs! But the need your help to make it a reality!

Unfortunately, WordPress and Kickstarter don’t always get along with regards to embedding videos, so you’re going to have to go toFrenchy and the Punk’s Kickstarter to see the video and hear their appeals for your help.

For those of you unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is a website that allows you to become a patron for creative works that would otherwise go unfunded and as a possible result, uncreated. Kickstarter gives you the power to support the arts in ways that used to only be viable to foundations, corporations, and wealthy families by pooling your contributions with the support of others who love the arts and giving the artists the means to create.

Here’s the catch about Kickstarter, though. If the project you have backed does not reach its minimum goal, the project flops. The pledges don’t come through and the artist doesn’t get any of the money that was promised. So, its very important that if you are interested in seeing a concept become reality, that you consider contributing. Every dollar counts towards meeting the goal and the project going underway.

Let’s help Scott and Samantha make something amazing with this Kickstarter! Check it out and contribute if you can!

Ladies of Steampunk 2012 Calendar Release Party

Holy crap! It’s September already? It seems like just a few weeks ago that it was February and I was Seattle’s newest and slightly bewildered resident. Before you or I know it, 2011 will be over, and the new year will be upon us. With the upcoming new year comes the necessity of changing outdated calendars with newer models.

As you start the hunt for the prefect 2012 calendar, I’d like to present a Steampunk option to grace your walls. The Ladies of Steampunk calendar is scheduled to be released next month at Mondo Bizarro Cafe in Sacramento, California on October 7th. The party will be $10 at the door and the hosts are generously buying the first 50 attendees their first round.

For more information about the calendar, please check out the Ladies of Steampunk website. Please be aware that the calendar is NSFW. To learn more and RSVP to the release party, click here.

Talk Like a Pirate Day is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays of all time! Tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day and today we need to prepare for tomorrow’s celebration. Even airship pirates should partake in this most important of pirate holidays.

First, the most crucial part of Talk Like a Pirate Day is actually talking like a pirate. For those of you who are not familiar with pirate lexicon, I’ve a helpful a crash course video to help you brush up on piratical linguistics.

In addition to talking like a pirate, you can also choose to dress like a pirate. For airship pirates, tomorrow is the perfect day to pull out your airship pirate wardrobe and wear it proudly. I remember celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day when I was in college, dressed in my fully pirate garb and giving full answers to my professor’s questions on course material in Pirate. Last year, my no fun office wasn’t in the least bit interested in Talk Like A Pirate Day. This year’s prospects are thankfully much better.

What was best about talking and dressing like a pirate on Talk Like a Pirate Day was the unsuspecting hordes that don’t realize it was a day for celebration until it’s too late.

So have a happy Talk Like a Pirate Day. May your sails be full, your fires high, and the adventures tomorrow be ones to remember! Yo ho ho!

Steampunk in Seattle: Two Updates

My dearest readers from the Seattle Steampunk community will be glad to read today’s post, which brings you tidings of wonderful things soon to come. Clear your calendars, my dear rats, as these events are not to be missed.

First, on the 17th of September, there will be a Steampunk rummage sale in Capitol Hill at All Pilgrims Christian Church. This is a great opportunity to connect with some of the local Steampunk artists and snag a few items before SteamCon rolls in next month. If you’re looking for that last piece to complete your latest ensemble for the convention, this is a great place to check out. You’re also likely to meet some people you’ll see at the con too, and everyone knows that cons are so much better when you know some of the people there.

Second, there is to be a bi-monthly Steamvent in Capitol Hill, and meetings will start this next Monday, the 19th (which also happens to be Talk Like a Pirate Day). It will be held at the wonderful Elliot Bay Books, a gloriously independent book store right in the heart of Capitol Hill. Make sure to check out the Facebook event I’ve linked to for more information. This is yet another great opportunity for you to get connected with the local scene, especially if you hail from a location which makes traveling up to the Northside of Seattle rather difficult. Plus, Capitol Hill is awesome, so you should totally come hang out with all the cool kids.

Steampunk in Seattle: The Northwest Tea Festival

Tea is many Steampunks’ beverage of choice and it should come as no surprise that many of us consider ourselves connoisseurs of the ancient drink. And with so many varieties and flavors to choose from, it’s should be of no surprise that there festivals celebrating it. Next month, the Nothwest Tea Festival will take place on October 1 and 2 at the Seattle Center.

The festival is free with a recommended ten dollar donation. That and anything above will get your a porcelain tea cup you can use for all your taste testing of samples throughout the day. Here’s a synopsis of what to expect on this weekend in October, from their About section:

The Festival is a fun and educational event about the multifaceted world of tea.  Our goal is to provide experiences covering all aspects of tea, from the cultural to the historical and the sensory to the scientific.

Bringing together authors, industry experts, buyers, retailers, artists, and educators, we hope you learn something new and expand your enjoyment of this most fascinating of beverages!

You can learn more about the festival at their website. You’re almost certain to leave the event with a new favorite incarnation of tea, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to taste-test teas without having to buy them first and learn about tea brewing from the masters.

Dragon Con is this Weekend

This weekend is, by all manners of measure, one of the biggest weekends in geekdom, with DragonCon taking place in Atlanta, GA. Geeks, nerds, dweebs and dorks from all walks of life are sure to find like minded and lifestyled people that share their particular brand of passionate and devoted fandom.

Steampunk has not been left out of the mix this upcoming weekend, and it’s sure to be an event-filled sensory overload of fancy fashion and brass crafted contraptions and the neat people who bear them. Expect a weekend of panels, workshops and concerts with some of your favorite aspects and people within the community. A quick search for ‘Steampunk’ brings up all kinds of awesome goodness you know you don’t want to miss.

Unfortunately, upon the writing of this post, the schedule grids for the convention have not yet become available, but when they do, you can find them here, where they’ll be in PDF and Excel formats on GoogleDocs for your viewing and planning pleasure. To all those attending, have an awesome and safe time at the con!

Steampunk House Tour

For those of you that live out on the East Coast, you are being given the rare opportunity to view Bruce and Melanie Rosebaum’s Steampunk house next month, on the 25th of September. This is all part of the Sharon Historical Society’s tour of six “architecturally significant homes” in the area.

Here’s a breif synopsis of the expanded tour from the Sharon Historical Society’s website:

This year’s tour will feature six architecturally significant homes, including an encore performance of Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum’s amazing “Steampunk House” on Pleasant St. The self-guided tour of these charming private homes affords the opportunity to explore their decorations as well as their wonderful architecture.

Guides will be available to discuss the significant features of each.

This years tour includes a beautiful turn of the century “Newport Bungalow”,
a very early home that is believed to have been on the Underground Railway,
a recently updated 1980s passive solar (“green”) home and two gorgeous lakefront properties.

This tour is an important fund-raiser to benefit The Historical Society so please purchase your tickets early. All funds that are raised will benefit the Society and it’s important programs. We receive no funding from the town or the state.

Tickets are 20 dollars can can be purchased in advance from the Historical Society Museumat  16 high Street, or from Coldwell Banker Real Estate at 3 North Main St. in Post Office Square. On the day of, tickets may be purchased at any of the six homes that will be on the tour. You can learn more about each home by clicking here.

Steampunk in Seattle: Updates from the Wayward Cafe

In November of 2010, I made my first trip up to Seattle from Dallas to decide if I liked the city enough to consider moving there. Needless to say, I was positively enchanted by everything I experienced. So now I live here.

During my week long venture, I managed to meet up with the local Steeampunk meet-up group, the Steam Rats, for their weekly get-together at Wayward Cafe. I met so many awesome people there that I would later run into at the con and beyond once I settled here as a resident. Getting to meet so many interesting people in such a short span of time really gave me a profound understanding for the immense amount of creativity and originality that springs from the Seattle Steampunk scene. Meeting all of them was everything I could have ever hoped for.

That next Monday, the Wayward burned down, and meetings there came to a grinding, screeching halt. Every since then, the Steam Rats have been more or less displaced, trying out various locations throughout the greater Seattle area but never really finding what amounted to a replacement for the Wayward.

Fortunately, though, the Wayward has finally found a new home, this time in the Ravenna neighborhood. They expect to reopen sometime in mid-October. Read all the great news for the Seattle Steampunk scene at large here on the Steamrat’s Google Group.

Steampunk in Seattle: The Seattle Steampunk Soiree

Attention all Seattle Steampunks, the time is nearly here for your favorite airship pirates to perform in your hometown. Abney Park is performing tomorrow at Studio Seven in Sodo and it goes without saying that the show is going to be awesome. It’s been a few months since their last local show, and their sheer draw and popularity within the Steampunk community makes this a must attend for Steampunks within driving distance.

Making this performance particularly unique is the presence of guest artists: Josh Goering, the guitar player from the album From Dreams Or Angels:

There’s even a brass section for this show!

In addition to all that, Seattle Arial Arts will be doing stunts above the crowd, and opening for Abney Park is a Great Depression era swing band. If you’re very lucky, the band may play some new material tomorrow, too.

Tickets are 15 dollars for anyone over the age of 18. The specially priced tickets for anyone under 18 have sold out, but there should be some left at the door for 5 dollars. If you happen to need tickets for people over 18 you can pick up your tickets here. I highly recommend that you do so, as Abney Park’s  performances often sells out, and you’d hate to miss out on this show.

To RSVP for this event on Facebook, click here. I’ll be at this show myself, and hope to see many of you there!